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Creating Queensland

Dec 3, 2018

If you know someone that has a great story or ideas to share, you can find me on LinkedIn. Jessica Reynolds, urban planner. 

This is episode 12! In this episode I speak with Michael Shekell who is one half of Builder Brokers, a company only founded a couple of years ago which is seeing massive growth not only in Queensland but nation wide. 

This is not one of my normal interviews where we talk about career and ideas as such, it is more of a business podcast about what Builder Brokers do and where they are going. I am fascinated by this company and as Michael explains to me what they are trying to achieve is the “Uber of the construction industry

Put it this way, when we ended our interview a nearby property professional handed Michel a business card. I expect many more to reach out after listening.

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This is Episode 12,  enjoy!